Christmas Card Photos

We have an art fair on Tuesday as a fundraiser for our end of year exhibition, and I am going to make some cards from photos. Please could you have a look at these and let me know which, if any, you think would be good for Christmas cards. I haven't edited any of these so let me know if you think some wold benefit from contrast, cropping etc. I never really edit photos so I am fairly clueless. I am terrible with decisions and it is also really hard for me to look at my own photos objectively. I would really, really appreciate any input :)

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Also, can you guess which ones are England and which are America?

I love my sweet, sweet Kwojo

Hurray hurray hurray, I just finished my last exam :)

Now I can justifiably procrastinate! I will start this by watching the last episode of season 3 of The Wire.

This eveing Kwojo is coming to visit! The last time I saw him was over 10 days ago and I miss him! I am very exciting, can you tell?! We have decided to make a carrot based soup and carrot cake. Nom nom nom. Also I will introduce him to needle felting, and he needs to go shopping for trainers and a hoody.

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I love him.

Oh and I am the only person to have used the tag "kwojo" on Flickr!
sun dance

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I have a list of countries I have been to on Each one has a brief description of when I went, where I went, and a photo that I took. This is the photo I chose for Australia, also the same beach as August for my 2008 in photos (different photo, same beach). Collapse )

I am lucky enough to have been to Australia twice, and each time I swore I wouldn't go again because the long flights are such a bitch, but how easily these things can be pushed aside and forgotten! Despite two visits and a total of about two months spent there, I have seen relatively little of this vast and varied country. It is about the size of Europe yet the population is just a third of the UK, insane!

I decided three weeks before my written art coursework is due that I should decide on the book and read it. Its on Contemporary Aboriginal Art and includes photos of Australian landscapes complete with descriptions that send a tingle through my body making me want to BE THERE. NOW.

Some photos from that beach, one evening when my Dad and I went for a walk. It was so quiet and peaceful, we didn't see a single other human being, or hear any evidence of them either. We just walked, and looked, and felt the warmth of the sun with the waves as our soundtrack. I love moments like these, where is is suddenly like seeing the world for the first time, remembering how incredible and beautiful everything is. And how wonderful to be somewhere unspoilt by man.

I have always loved beaches, and I know that part of it is the association with hot weather (which I am drawn to like a cold-blooded reptile). I have this facination with the sea, and having been a strong swimmer from a young age, I love the feeling of being far out, treading water and feeling it all around me. It is something so dangerous yet calming and peaceful at the same time. I love gazing out accross the vast blue and wondering where I would end up if I headed in a straight line, or just the feeling of each little wave lapping over my bare toes.

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I have been actively avoiding going into Fopp ever since it re-opened, but recently I have been feeling it calling me...
So today I left the store £19 poorer but 5 albums richer.
Oh how I love and hate you my dearest Fopp.